ASEE is co-sponsoring a WISE Research Roundtable on 23 September 2015

“Disrupting the Pipeline: Critical Analyses of Student Pathways Through Postsecondary STEM Education” by Heather Metcalf, Ph.D., Director of Research for the Association of Women in Science

When: Wednesday, September 23rd, 1:30-2:30pm
Where: Varian II (Physics and Astrophysics Building, 452 Lomita Mall), Room 102-103
Please RSVP to by Monday, September 21.

Abstract: Critical mixed methods approaches allow us to reflect upon the ways in which we collect, measure, interpret, and analyze data, providing novel alternatives for quantitative analysis. For institutional researchers, whose work influences institutional policies, programs, and practices, the approach has the transformative ability to expose and create space for altering rather than reproducing problematic institutional stratifications and inequities. The usefulness of this approach is illustrated here using examples from a critical mixed methods study of student pathways through postsecondary STEM education

Tips on preparing a cover letter

On the job market? Putting together CVs and cover letters can be stressful. Click here to check out an article that provides some suggestions on creating a cover letter. There are also amazing resources on campus that you can explore, including the Stanford Career Development Center (click here for the website and see what they offer). I recently went to a session with Lance Choy on writing a CV and cover letter and found it extremely helpful. If you have other suggestions or comments about preparing job application materials, feel free to leave a comment!