Tips on preparing a cover letter

On the job market? Putting together CVs and cover letters can be stressful. Click here to check out an article that provides some suggestions on creating a cover letter. There are also amazing resources on campus that you can explore, including the Stanford Career Development Center (click here for the website and see what they offer). I recently went to a session with Lance Choy on writing a CV and cover letter and found it extremely helpful. If you have other suggestions or comments about preparing job application materials, feel free to leave a comment!

Two AWESOME upcoming STEM education events

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Stanford is hosting Michael Prince, Chemical Engineering professor from Bucknell Univ. He will be discussing active learning techniques, backwards design in teaching, and more. To see the workshops and events for students and faculty, please follow this link to CTL’s website.

Our chapter of ASEE is hosting our annual colloquium, Thursday April 17th. The theme this year is “The science of learning: evidence based teaching in STEM education,”  with a keynote address from Paul Doherty, co-director of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute. You can find more details and the RSVP form here.