Welcome to Stanford ASEE!

2020-2021 ASEE programming will include:

  • A monthly breakfast chat (ABC), where we engage with experts in engineering education and the research they share;
  • A monthly journal club (JC), where we discuss recent articles in engineering education pedagogy;
  • An annual symposium, where we gather each year to take a deep dive into one topic of interest to higher education; and
  • An anti-racist learning club for learners at all levels, where we provide a safe space to digest and discuss readings, talks, and videos pertaining to anti-racist ideals, DEI goals, and culturally responsive teaching within and beyond engineering education.

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Tips on preparing a cover letter

On the job market? Putting together CVs and cover letters can be stressful. Click here to check out an article that provides some suggestions on creating a cover letter. There are also amazing resources on campus that you can explore, including the Stanford Career Development Center (click here for the website and see what they offer). I recently went to a session with Lance Choy on writing a CV and cover letter and found it extremely helpful. If you have other suggestions or comments about preparing job application materials, feel free to leave a comment!