Engineering and Social Justice – ASEEs 6th Annual Colloquium on Engineering Education

ASEE Colloquium

The Stanford Student Chapter of ASEE—American Society for Engineering Education—is thrilled to be hosting our 6th annual colloquium on Engineering Education, with an afternoon discussing the relationships between engineering and social justice both in and beyond the classroom.

Our afternoon schedule will feature: a keynote presentation titled “The Problem is the Problem: A Strategy for Making Social Justice and Social Responsibility Visible in Engineering Education” by Prof. Juan Lucena, Prof. Jon Leydens, and Prof. Jessica Smith from the Colorado School of Mines; invited talks by Dr. Bahvna Hariharan and Dr. Khalid Kadir; and a panel discussing the intersection of engineering and social justice in Stanford courses.

We’re delighted to have so many inspiring people come together for an afternoon, so please join us for what will surely be an impactful and educational colloquium in the Old Union Ballroom on Friday April 21st from 1-6PM.

Space is limited, so please RSVP at More detailed program information is available:

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