Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance effective, evidence-based, inclusive, and accessible pedagogy for engineering education across an engaged community. We aim to empower students, faculty, and future faculty in teaching and learning. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our research and educational missions, and strive to uphold these ideals in our programs and in our community.

ASEE Stanford Chapter Values

  • Our strength is in our diversity: We aim to make engineering education research accessible and prioritize inclusion of diverse perspectives. We aim for educational equity in our ongoing and future pedagogical impact through diverse representation in our speakers and members and through events that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. We make engineering education research more accessible by highlighting and discussing the most relevant, current pedagogic canon.
  • We translate pedagogic research to practical applications – We strive to employ robust and effective educational practices by learning from evidence-based techniques and approaches within the field. We work to help our community stay current on well-founded best practices by critically engaging with recent literature and hearing from experts within the engineering education sphere.
  • We grow through effort and persistence – We cultivate a growth mindset culture, seeking development and improvement in our understanding and practice of engineering pedagogy. The canon of engineering education research is always growing, so we continue to grow along with it and stay up to date via journal club and cutting-edge discussions.
  • Our community makes us strong – We strive to build a supportive space for students and educators alike to learn from one another, encourage one another, and help one another. 
  • Students deserve great teaching – learning environments shape futures. We serve our community to develop a teaching culture of excellence.

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