Engineering Education Literature

Journal of Engineering Education (JEE

JEE is published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education with the primary aim of promoting and documenting scholarly research in the field of  engineering education. JEE is an international, peer-reviewed journal. Articles are available online through the Wiley Publishing Company (JEE) or through ASEE for national members.


Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST

JRST is published monthly by the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. The journal focuses on current research and practices in science teaching & learning, as well as science education policy. JRST features a wide variety of disciplines from anthropology to engineering and isa also an international, peer-reviewed journal. Articles are available online through the Wiley Publishing Company (JRST).


Journal of STEM Education (JSTEM) 

JSTEM is published semi-annually by the Public Knowledge Project, which is sponsored by several universities across Canada and the United Sates. The journal focuses on real-world practices and case-studies in teaching and learning in STEM, as well as reviewing current education policies and industry needs in STEM. JSTEM is peer-reviewed. Articles are available online through the Open Journal Systems (JSTEM).


Prof. Richard M. Felder 

Dr. Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. He has authored many articles and books based on his experience as an educator in chemical engineering.  He has made many of his publications available for free through NCSU and has organized them by topic/theme. We recommend many of the articles because they provide guidance on methods and best practices that can be readily adopted in a variety of science and engineering courses. He also writes a quarterly column, Random Thoughts, in Chemical Engineering Education.

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