Quay (she/they)

Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD Student

President 2020-2021; General Officer 2019-2020

“My favorite ASEE discussion last year was “Culture of Disengagement in Engineering Education?” with Dr. Khalid Kadir (UC Berkeley); his perspectives as a fellow environmental engineer strongly resonated with me, and the group discussion was lively! Our chapter is a unique niche in the broad mosaic of tools and resources available at Stanford for developing engineering education skills.”

Stacey (she/her/hers)

Electrical Engineering PhD Student

Vice President 2020-2021; President 2019-2020; Financial Officer 2018-2019; General Officer 2017-2018

“My favorite ASEE event this past year was when we were able to invite ASEE alum and previous officer, Justin Tran, to speak about his experiences teaching during the 2020 spring semester at Cal State Fullerton, where he is an assistant professor. It’s very inspiring and motivating to hear about the experience of graduates (there is a light at the end of the tunnel!) and it really underscored to me how strong and tight-knit our ASEE community is.”

Callan (she/her/hers)

Bioengineering PhD Student

Financial Officer 2020-2021

“While I’m still relatively new to ASEE, my favorite event so far has been our Breakfast Chat with Colleen Lewis. She led a great choose-your-own-adventure style discussion over Zoom on Creating an Inclusive Campus, where attendees were able to interact with and contribute to the presentation in real time via Google Slides! This event really highlighted the innovative ways that we can engage communities, even from afar, to share ideas, questions and resources. ASEE events like these have been a great platform for me to meet other grad students, postdocs, and faculty members that share a passion for equitable, inclusive engineering education.

Alexa (she/her/hers)

Bioengineering PhD Candidate & Education MA Student

General Officer 2020-2021

“One of my favorite ASEE events is the ASEE Breakfast Chat, because it provides an opportunity to learn directly from and converse with engineering educators. The first one I attended was in Spring 2019 with Dr. Alegra Eroy-Reveles. During the discussion, she pointed out that the discourse around creating more inclusive classrooms often focuses on decreasing threats and reducing biases instead of creating a caring classroom environment, when both are important! I really appreciated learning about the strategies she uses to demonstrate to her students that she cares. Participating in ASEE events has provided me with a community of engineers who care about improving education for all students, and I’m so grateful to be able to continue to learn from and with them!”

Anjali (she/her/hers)

Civil & Environmental Engineering Postdoc

General Officer 2020 

“The first Stanford ASEE event I attended was a discussion for #shutdownSTEM on racism and systematic discrimination in engineering education. The anti-racist learning club was formed to continue the dialog on anti-racist ideals, DEI goals and culturally responsive teaching. I am excited to learn more and begin to advocate for equity and justice within and beyond engineering education.”

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